Sunday, 28 October 2007

More Windows Woes

How hard can it be to get a computer to do what you want?

Last night I attempted to make my PC fully replace my DVD player, better picture was on offer via that HDMI, so I decided to go for it. Thing is though, that I wanted the 5.1 sound to match the picture.

I have the big flash amp. I have the big flash speakers. I have the required cables to fit the port on my PC (which is for, reasons only known to the designer, on the front of the box).

Why then did it take me 3 1/2 hours to configure it so it worked right all the time?

So that digital signals came out when playing DVD's. So that said digital signals were not downmixed to stereo. So that the analogue speakers on the desktop play music when I'm working. So that once that happens it can still play DVD's (an ability that was lost mid audio adjust, and was fixed with new graphics drivers).

Yes, now it works, it does it great. But it remains, windows does the job, but is a sight harder to make it do it when compared to OS X. I have a disk of ubuntu ready to install incase this frustration continues! 

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