Monday, 22 October 2007

A little about me to start

Well, in order that I begin I ought to say a little about me, a little abut my day will have no context without a little about me....

I'm 32, I'm kind of O.K. with being over 30, I don't feel old in my head, but when I was young I thought 30 was so goddamned far away that I would never reach it, let alone 25 which I hit in 2000. The thing is that when they went past they did so with so little fuss that I hardly noticed the numbers fly by. I guess I still feel about 20 in my head.

I'm a dad and happily married, just so as you know who I'm talking about when I mention my wife or the little one. Family is terribly important to me, though I'm never completely sure if I'm completely good at it. I try, and I don't get too many complaints.

Currently I'm in a job that I don't hugely feel one way or the other about, it doesn't stretch me, which really I could do with, but it does pay the bills and gives me enough free time to be going on with.  

I'm also a musician, a photographer and a reasonably adept geek, these are the things that I do to keep me sane. I'd really like a career that would involve any one of them but thats not on the cards right now, so I guess I'll keep on doing what I do until the opportunity presents itself to make a change.

So why am I, as a person who does little of any distinction, a person who is entirely normal to all intents and purposes, writing about his life in a blog? Well there are two reasons, firstly I am currently suffering through a big fat pile of depression, and I kind of get the feeling that I would do myself some good to share what I'm going through by putting it into words, and maybe the view I have on this journey I'm currently embarked upon will be clearer. Perhaps if I can see where I have been, where I am going will be a lot clearer. The second reason is that, and this really doesn't tie in with the first reason, is that I have a lot of stuff that happens around me that is more than a little entertaining, sometimes downright hilarious... I'm sure that happens with a lot of us, we all have a great story, but I'm hoping someone will enjoy reading mine....

So on with this, I'm sure I'll put in a few photos, maybe a tune or two and obviously a lot of words (I like them, language is a fun game to play). I hope you enjoy the ride.

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