Thursday, 1 November 2007


So I'm on facebook, and like so many people, I've put that damned scrabulous thing on my profile.

Why on earth did I just start a game 10 minutes before I should go to bed?

It's  too darn addictive.

In fact it's almost as bad as the "it's a small world" song on the rides at disney parks. That song may at least be partly to blame for my depression.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

More Windows Woes

How hard can it be to get a computer to do what you want?

Last night I attempted to make my PC fully replace my DVD player, better picture was on offer via that HDMI, so I decided to go for it. Thing is though, that I wanted the 5.1 sound to match the picture.

I have the big flash amp. I have the big flash speakers. I have the required cables to fit the port on my PC (which is for, reasons only known to the designer, on the front of the box).

Why then did it take me 3 1/2 hours to configure it so it worked right all the time?

So that digital signals came out when playing DVD's. So that said digital signals were not downmixed to stereo. So that the analogue speakers on the desktop play music when I'm working. So that once that happens it can still play DVD's (an ability that was lost mid audio adjust, and was fixed with new graphics drivers).

Yes, now it works, it does it great. But it remains, windows does the job, but is a sight harder to make it do it when compared to OS X. I have a disk of ubuntu ready to install incase this frustration continues! 

Friday, 26 October 2007

The not so daily update

I started this with the intention I'd write something every day. That's already gone out the wazoo.

Still here is todays news...

A trip to the doctor today to get the prozac prescription topped up resulted in me being diagnosed with a mild case of glue ear. Mild but daggummed long winded, the symptoms have been there on and off since before I visited the States in April. No action is as yet to be taken...

In other news, if anyone can explain how a computer that is connected wirelessly to the router, but reports no connectivity from router to internet is capable of downloading AVG, SpyBot and CCleaner? This is of course a windows machine, establishing a connection at a distance greater than 2 3/4 inches from the router took nearly two hours, uninstalling Norton took another hour (god I hate that software) and every procedure seemed to make itself as complicated as digitally possible, a distinct contrast to the 2 macs I've done similar work with recently (genuinely Plug and Play). I think I'm rapidly becoming a convert to the cult of Jobs, tough currently my windows box is impressing me as a media device over HDMI, or more accurately Nero's media centre and Nvidia's graphics card in combination with a philips TV are doing their best to prove that windows still has a place in my home.

I also have to provide another negative endorsement... Halls sugar free menthol cough sweets will really screw up your day if consumed in a too large a quantity. Can you say laxative? I can't, I'm in a rush............

Monday, 22 October 2007

A little about me to start

Well, in order that I begin I ought to say a little about me, a little abut my day will have no context without a little about me....

I'm 32, I'm kind of O.K. with being over 30, I don't feel old in my head, but when I was young I thought 30 was so goddamned far away that I would never reach it, let alone 25 which I hit in 2000. The thing is that when they went past they did so with so little fuss that I hardly noticed the numbers fly by. I guess I still feel about 20 in my head.

I'm a dad and happily married, just so as you know who I'm talking about when I mention my wife or the little one. Family is terribly important to me, though I'm never completely sure if I'm completely good at it. I try, and I don't get too many complaints.

Currently I'm in a job that I don't hugely feel one way or the other about, it doesn't stretch me, which really I could do with, but it does pay the bills and gives me enough free time to be going on with.  

I'm also a musician, a photographer and a reasonably adept geek, these are the things that I do to keep me sane. I'd really like a career that would involve any one of them but thats not on the cards right now, so I guess I'll keep on doing what I do until the opportunity presents itself to make a change.

So why am I, as a person who does little of any distinction, a person who is entirely normal to all intents and purposes, writing about his life in a blog? Well there are two reasons, firstly I am currently suffering through a big fat pile of depression, and I kind of get the feeling that I would do myself some good to share what I'm going through by putting it into words, and maybe the view I have on this journey I'm currently embarked upon will be clearer. Perhaps if I can see where I have been, where I am going will be a lot clearer. The second reason is that, and this really doesn't tie in with the first reason, is that I have a lot of stuff that happens around me that is more than a little entertaining, sometimes downright hilarious... I'm sure that happens with a lot of us, we all have a great story, but I'm hoping someone will enjoy reading mine....

So on with this, I'm sure I'll put in a few photos, maybe a tune or two and obviously a lot of words (I like them, language is a fun game to play). I hope you enjoy the ride.